Negging means making a mildly negative comment to someone, with possibly a playful intent.

The term is popular among certain people who teach men how to flirt with women. Many men have trouble meeting women because they misunderstand some of the basics of flirting.

A crucial aspect of successful flirting is creating ambiguity. Neither party communicates precise feelings or romantic intentions, and the other party is left guessing. In particular, good flirting includes a mixture of positive and negative comments. One does not have to be insulting, but uniformly positive flattery is boring and unproductive.

For a masterful example of negging, see this scene from the 1939 movie, Gone with the Wind. Rhett Butler flirts with Scarlett O'Hara.

There are many nice guys who were reared to believe that flirting is rude for various reasons, and they become frustrated by their communications with women who expect better flirting skills. Negging is a technique for those men to improve their flirting without being rude. Learn more.

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